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"CURIOSITY" (eng.)


"WANDERINGs/WONDERINGs of the lefthand" 1982'

"wandelingen van mijn linkerhand'" 1982

(ENGLISH SPOKEN TEKST IN VIDEO " CURIOSITY"): " ... ..There is so much to consider: there's the intellectual aspects, the fantasies, instincts of all kind and the intuitive notions, there's philosophy and language, there's the uncontrollable impulse, there's the strategic calculation, there's hallucinating dreams, there's lots of memories... and it all happens more or less at the same time, in merely the same space,: it happens to the infinite human brain. About memories for instance:... ..

"SUB ROSA" 1992 (photographed lead type (means ‘reversed’ lettertype) printed readable)


I was about 5 years old when I started seeing things: strange things, lets call them like: 'mirage-kind of things'. For instance: I saw a garden. In our attic. 'She needs "a room of once own'' (virginia woolf's book title) doctor said, and so occurred. Because of that quiet room, and through drawing, daily life became a little less chaotic: In this lucid solitude it became possible to transform all those details, of life outside and life inside the head, in dots and lines, in fields and colours.

"EN HET BREIN DAT PENDE W-V OORD" 1983 (lefthanded pen and inkdrawing –fotocopied-)


... ..At 6 years of age, language came by to complement this drawing, and there and at that time, I noticed, that writing could be done backwards, in reverse: and it could only be read 'through the looking-glass', so even if I could do it, I had to see what I had done in 'a space-time' later. well, that unnerved my days even more. Now it became possible to wonder about the various details in life without being distracted by too much information at the same time. Now I could copy my own thoughts without any doubts, or self censure!... ..

"26" (sen ten sces) 4 l.: PENROSE PENRISE 1987 - 1992 (reversed tekst in offsetprint and mirror writing on pergamijn paper)

3a. '26'

... ..To practice I copied the first and last chapter of the boek 'Tijl Uilenspiegel", in this newly found 'mirror-writing-thing', and after that : it was a firmly rooted part of my brain... ..

left: "PENROSE/PENRISE" 1995 - now (mirror writing in braun ink on tracing paper) right: tekst about ATOMIC philosophy 1985 (mirror writing with crownpen on pergamijn-paper)

3b. left: 'PENROSE/penrise' & right 'Atomisme'

... ..'2 hands simultaneously' and ' from the outside-in and the other way round' was nice but the left hand remained quite clumsy, so it never really became fully in sync, that's why I stopped doing that, 'upside-down' was good too, but again, less interesting... ..

"THE THINGS,etc" 1990 -studie for theaterposter- mirrorwriting, enlarged upsidedown photocopy

4, 'DE DINGEN.etc" / 'the things,etc'

... ..It must have been when I was about 7 that during grammar in school we were taught how to deal with 'prepositions': And you know what? these lessons awoke me from my daydreaming school-days: Language was drawn here, today!!!!: A tiny bird hovering -in, under, above and behind a cage told us the whole thing!... ..

"WAS 1996" 1996	(COMMISSION) fence round school in Amsterdam with aluminium cast imprints of its schoolchildren’s hands, -gained by the ‘lost wax’ method-

5. ' WAS 1996'

.. ...they showed what was meant by 'bepalingen van plaats en tijd'. Well, at least that's how I remember things... Here I started to be interested in frame-works: in formula's and rules, In, favorably self-constructed, say 'made-up' , natural laws….. In order to bring the outside world in symmetry with my inside world: I needed a little more of that 'ORDER', in my chaotic system... ..

PORTRET of the artist by AGNES DE KOK

6. portret of the artist

.., what else is there? O yes!, my sense of time and space also has it's own pattern: time (and having time to do things) has hardly anything to do with clocks, but with 'having space-time', in, lets call it 'the room' in your head... ..

"OOG OP SLAG" (eng: "I MINE’) 2003 (dutch bundel of image-memory-thoughts gained during walks through Amsterdam)


.. ...and my sense of direction in space , (and space meant here as sense of direction, like say, in a street) is infallibly 180 degrades wrong… 'now this might have something to do with the 'uncertainty-principle of Heisenberg'... 'or just with 'being short-sighted during daytime' and seeing miles away in my 'depth of field', in my clearly focused dreams'… I fancy... Well, that's how I'm reflecting on issues like this, with of course more wandering consequences as a result.... So, mirror-writing had not only a very beautiful, but unreadable calligraphic side, it also has a meditative side: to be able to do it, one has to land in 'the other zone', one has to 'surf' various brainwaves...... 'like a psychonaut', that's how I feel then! it's like how a dream, or 'an inside-mirage' is being caused by certain wavelengths in the brain, I suppose... ..

"12 xxx '11" 24 december 2011 digital snapshot of water -a striplight under an overdrive in Amsterdam-

8. 11 XXX '11

.. ...that's how I think I use those meditative 'wavelengths', and it's the same thing with making the water-pictures: Making those photographs is essentially -or even intrinsically- the same as writing backwards. It has to do with 'stopping time' while moving. In the case of 'unable to read what one writes': I roam my papers surfaces, waiting for undiscovered mental processes, and in the case of the photographs: I wander through town's maps, looking for a moment which I suspect to be unseen before... Now, and that won't happen until I forget everything: All the deals made, about time and space. And then I may see it afterwards: One of the many faces of the reflected 'watermirrortimespirit', mmm ... ..

in de gasten galerie van jan holleman en op youtybe